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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:55

Work Continues in Sakarya Caddesi

Work Continues in Sakarya Caddesi
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Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality initiated by the Sakarya street renovation work continues .

Sakarya news:
projects related to public knowledge that science Affairs President Ali Oktar , \"we work from two different points on the artery . The first operating point , our new Mosque intersection of the beginning of the Sakarya street , this is connected to the junction New Church Street made ​​the necessary arrangements on . other studies point has Potato Halim junction. However, the state street input connected to the junction and Sakarya Caddesi throughout our work continues , \"he said . indicating the progress step by step in a Photo working Oktar , \"We divide the stage of the Sakarya street. our teams are available ground on the island determined first raises . Then concreting and stone begins our tile work . Our teams are starting to just the other islands in the necessary work to complete the designated place. craftsmen in the area and the level of impact of the work carried out by our citizens , we apply this method to minimize levels, \"he said. the necessary arrangements at intersections on a Photo Artery Head of Scientific Affairs explaining to do Oktar , \"this project will have acquired a more modern appearance artery in about 2 thousand 500 meters long. Will be renewed at intersections on the streets. Potatoes Halim junction where ongoing work we make the necessary arrangements at the request of our tradesmen . Our work is progressing quickly . We thank craftsmen in the area and because of the sensitivity they show our work to the citizens . After the landscaping and landscaping work will be done to win the admiration of everyone Sakarya Caddesi \"he said .


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